Video Production: Lebermuth Legacy



Lebermuth – a longtime client of the agency came to us with an idea to tell the story behind their brand. Starting from their roots to where they are now, and what the future holds for the company. They wanted to use the video for a big upcoming conference in Las Vegas to set them apart from others in the industry – as as well website, social media, and email marketing.


I had a great working relationship with their Marketing Director. We  had an initial meeting that included a tour around the facility and meeting with employees. I was able to see their facility, watch their process, test their fragrances, and gather information about their culture. The client sent over a lot of material to help us craft their story and portray it accurately.


The client loved their video and are now using it on their website, through email marketing, and at all conferences.

Services Provided 


I worked with their marketing director to define the target audience, craft their overall message, fully understand the video’s purpose. This included gathering all print and digital material related to the company. From there I crafted a proposal within their budget.


Our team shot on location as well as in a controlled studio to light and capture compelling interviews, sound, b-roll, presentations, tours and processes.

Post production

The video then went to our team where they process the footage, made edits, tweaked the sequence, added audio/color and ultimately brought the story to life.

Watch the video here.





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