Video Production: United Way Campaign

United Way


This campaign video wanted to convey the emotion behind how United Way affects the people it’s helping. I worked directly with United Way’s Campaign manager to weave together the story of 3 lives impacted – all in various positive ways – and where they started out, to where they are now. The results were so moving that it took home first place at an awards banquet showcasing campaign videos.


We chose three impactful stories. From there we conducted brief interviews to learn more information on how United Way helped them. Those interviews were turned into scripts by our content team. I worked with the client to coordinate schedules, choose shot locations, and gather footage.


The client’s expectations were exceeded. They were moved by the video themselves and knew others would be to. The client submitted the video for review and was told it had won first place a few months later. The video is now successfully being used for campaigning purposes.



Define the target audience, hone the purpose, and craft a compelling script.


Our team shot on location  and gathered B Roll footage. We also hired voice over professionals.

Watch the video here.


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