Video Production: Bowen Center


Bowen Center came to 212 to record their staff trainings – currently being used for orientation purposes. The initial idea was to record the trainings at their facility. After a better understanding of their bottom line goal – I decided it would be best to have them recorded in our studio with a teleprompter. This way we could have more control over lighting and sound and creating a better final product.


I worked directly with their doctors to gather the required material they wanted covered. I converted that material into branded powerpoint slides. Those slides were used in conjunction with video clips to help the viewer follow along. We also used the slides as talking points on the teleprompters during shoots. We had each trainer scheduled in the production studio and coached them through talking on camera naturally.


The client was so impressed with the first video that they decided to sign on for multiple other videos. We saved the client thousands of dollars by recording new material for the DSM-5 Psychology Handbook. This material is normally presented in person to a packed theatre of doctors. We reduced the number of billable training hours and lowered the number of resources needed to present the material. Each doctor was given a DVD with the covered material.


Full pre production, production and post production account management
Sound and Lighting
Video Editing
Motion graphics, titles & animation, DVD authoring
Encoding final videos into web ready formats to be used for video distribution (Digital and DVD’S)

*All material is copywritten and not permitted for sharing


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