Video Production: ULEAD


Ulead wanted a video that captured the essence of what they do – develop leadership experiences for a variety of people to bring forth innate skills. They wanted to feature the video on their website and social media as well as use during trade shows/seminars. They also saw an opportunity to use the video for client referrals, recruitment, and new hire orientation.


We had an initial meeting where I gained an inside glimpse of their playful office culture and sensed their team cohesion. I really wanted the video to capture that side of the company. The video captured footage of the team conducting various ropes course experiences, a teacher testimonial praising Ulead’s services and the impact it’s had on her classroom as well as employee spotlight interviews.


The client was extremely happy with the final result- so much that they requested to do a second video! They’ve since reported that both videos are a vital tool in their marketing efforts.

*I created a Video Production Overview and checklist to streamline our video production account management process.

Services Provided 


I worked with their company to coordinate a production schedule. We had 3 shooting locations.


The first filming took place at ULEAD’s office, the second location had us interviewing a teacher that had used Ulead’s leadership development course and raved about the results and impact it had on her student’s classroom behavior. The final location was on site at Uleads ropes course.

Watch the video here.



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