Social Media: W-C-N


The client – a christian based disaster relief organization wanted to reach more people and get their mission across clearly through social media – thus becoming more impactful in their vision. They give back to the community in multiple ways, organize an annual 5k race, take disaster-relief donations, and organize mission trips to Central America. They were a great candidate for Social Media!


I worked with them to develop a strategic plan and set goals for month 1, month 3, and 1 year. This included branding all their posts, integrating a newsletter signup, adding a Meet the Staff page, reaching out to gather more testimonies, and highlighting major events to generate awareness. We worked together to craft a clear concise message of who they are, why they help, and how others can get involved.


The client doubled their Facebook engagement. The community understood the story behind the organization. More people came forward for testimonies on how W-C-N impacted their lives. They sold out the number of spots available for their 3 mission trips.  The number of participants for the annual race grew exponentially the following year – even Bachelor star Ben Higgins joined the race!


Logo Update

Social Media
Facebook Cover Design
Newsletter Functionality
Donation Functionality
Meet the Staff Page Integration
Created a strategic posting schedule
Engagement campaigns (Newsletter sign up, Volunteer Signup, Donation requests, Race participant marketing)

Wrote copy for Facebook Posts

5k Race Event Advertising
Social Media Campaign

Social Media Monitoring
1-3-1 Social Media Reports

View Facebook Page 


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